You gotta watch this…. It is old, crusty, fuzzy, no where near HD, but it put onto video why I wanted to ride back in 1990.

1990…. the summer I owned my first motorcycle.  I’d picked it up in the fall of 1989, the massive EX 500 (Ninja) and had survived the winter.  I’m guessing the first time I saw that commercial was during the Daytona 200– so, probably around March.  Which means I’d probably been on the road in 35 degree temps, just waiting for it to be warm enough to ride for more than a few miles.  

We had just ‘survived’ the motorcycle tariff that had increased the import taxes on any motorcycle over 700 cc’s, so we were finally getting our VFR Interceptor back!  It wasn’t the powerhouse that we’d wanted, but it was back.  And, we were having to adjust to the fact that Honda wasn’t going to call their sport bikes ‘Hurricanes’ anymore.  Kawi kept the Ninja, but from here on out, we were stuck with letters and numbers, no names.  A shame, ’cause it was so cool to ride a Hurricane.  I have no idea why that made a difference, but it seems to have.  So, with all that, a weak Interceptor, a boring-no-update-no-hurricane-CBR, Honda decided to make up for it.

Yep, they gave us the RC-30.  At that point, in my humble opinion, that was the most impressive, track-to-showroom bike I’d ever seen.  Sport bikes were pretty new, still, at that time.  They had been around for 5-6 years, and had been sporty, but in 1990, they became racy– again, just my opinion.


Now, I’ll admit that, in my teenage years, I was pretty opinionated.  I rode a Kawasaki, Ninja’s were the best.  Hondas? Yuck– they were just the big red company playing at bikes.  Sure they were well made, but they were so big and corporate…. 🙂  Well…teenagers….

Then, here comes that commercial– good music, good shots of people riding, doing the things I like, going places I wanted to go.  This was a time before it was ‘cool’ to wear leather and helmets.. but here comes a dude on a CBR600 or a RC-30, and a chick is waiting for him, to go riding, WITH LEATHERS!  

Its short, its 60 seconds– and I still love it!  It made me want to go ride the moment I saw it.  It makes me want to go ride every time I see it or when the song comes through my head.  I have no idea why it had such a great impact… maybe because, at 17, I lived in a place where, virtually, NO ONE was around to go ride with.  It was something to grasp a hold of and see that there are other people out there that dig riding the same way that I do.  Maybe its just because seeing a RC-30 on the road is way too cool.  Whatever the reason, good job, Honda.  It worked.  25 years later, I have an Interceptor.  And a no-name-CBR.  And I still want a RC-30.